cross-cultural pr to support your U.S. market entry strategies

U.S. market entry strategiesBridge Global Strategies specializes in meeting the complex PR needs of foreign companies in the American market. We also counsel U.S. multinationals on meeting these needs overseas.





  • We help position and launch overseas-headquartered companies and their products in the U.S.

    We help set communications goals, develop PR strategies and plan programs that are harmonized with those at headquarters, yet are appropriate, realistic and effective for the American market. Our staff has many years of experience working with subsidiaries of companies headquartered in Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Germany, France and around the world, and all of our staff members have lived and worked overseas. Our Toronto office, led by Communications Director Jill Lewis, specializes in providing Canadian clients with expert advice on how to navigate the different and complex media environment across the border.

  • We can be your outsourced PR department, even if you don't have offices in the U.S.

    We often serve as an outsourced PR department, coordinating with headquarters to fill communications needs. Even if your company doesn't have a subsidiary in the U.S., we can provide you with the PR support you need to market your products or services to Americans.

  • International communications help for American companies

    If your company is rolling out a product launch to overseas markets, or has a corporate communications issue that needs to be addressed on a worldwide basis, we can help develop global PR strategies, oversee agency selection in overseas markets and then manage the PR program for you, from beginning to end.

  • We are founding members of Public Relations Boutiques InternationalTM (PRBI), a network of top-quality, small independent PR firms around the world and across North America.

    We partner with PRBI to better serve your global communication needs. Its members are an exclusive group of skilled consultants who work directly on client business and create award-winning communication strategies. We cooperate with other PRBI members to produce practical, flexible and exceptionally cost-effective communications. Our own CEO, Lucy Siegel, is president of PRBI.

  • We provide cross-cultural, bilingual help

    Our staff's cross-cultural business understanding and bilingual abilities help expatriate business executives adjust to the communications demands of the U.S. market. We provide training in English public speaking, presentation skills and handling of media interviews, especially designed for executives who speak English as a second language.