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Geography Influences Both Cross-Cultural Communication & Politics

Posted on Mon, Feb 08, 2016

As a college student majoring in government many years ago, I did an independent study in geopolitics. Geopolitics is the study of how politics is influenced by geographical factors. It’s an important consideration in predicting how people in different regions of the country, or the world, will behave in a given situation. In the world of marketing and communications, cultural differences are a powerful influence on the best ways to communicate, and culture itself is heavily influenced by geography.

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Five Most Popular Bridgebuzz Blog Posts in 2015

Posted on Fri, Jan 22, 2016

Chinese New Year is almost upon us (it starts on February 8th), and soon we can say goodbye to the Year of the Goat and usher in the Year of the Monkey. But before the old year slips from memory, it's worth a look at the five most popular blog posts on the Bridgebuzz Blog for 2015.

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11 Press Release Best Practices: Compelling Writing That Gets Results

Posted on Mon, Jan 04, 2016

Basic PR Tips Especially Helpful for Startups

It’s common for marketing executives at early stage startups – and even for CEOs – to start out by doing public relations themselves. Hiring an agency comes with funding, but until the funding is there, PR is a do-it-yourself (DIY) activity at most startups.

PR is a lot more than just writing and distributing press releases. Yet the two DIY tools most used at startups are social media (which we’ve covered in other blog posts in the past) and press releases. Here are 10 press release best practices to help you out at a time when the only public relations you can afford is what you do yourself:

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PR Strategies in the Internet Age: Are Press Releases Outdated?

Posted on Tue, Dec 22, 2015

Some communications professionals feel that news releases are old-fashioned and irrelevant because people are getting their news from social media, not newspapers or news broadcasts. But what’s changed is not whether the news has an audience, but where people read or watch it. Press releases are certainly not outdated or irrelevant when used to carry out PR strategies.

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What Is a News Release (or Press Release)? What Is It Not?

Posted on Thu, Dec 17, 2015

The Basic Perception Management Tool You Thought You Knew

Many wrong assumptions are made about the definition and use of a press release, assumptions that sometimes frustrate public relations professionals.  This post will be the first in a series on this topic. It’s not intended for our fellow public relations professionals (who shouldn’t be in their jobs if they don’t know this stuff). It’s aimed at entrepreneurs, startup executives, marketing professionals and business people from overseas,  who typically aren't trained in public relations or journalism, have little knowledge of how  PR is done (for those from 

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Politics Interfere with Public Relations Services for Industry Groups

Posted on Thu, Dec 03, 2015

But Who's to Blame for an Industry's Bad Reputation?

Harris Interactive has studied American perceptions of large industries over time. In 2013, Harris poll results showed that American trust in almost all of the 19 industries tracked had declined. Survey participants were asked, “Which of these industries do you think are generally honest and trustworthy - so that you normally believe a statement by a company in that industry?”

There are some industries that have a remarkably low level of public trust. The chart here

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10 Expressions that PR Firms (and Their Clients) Overuse

Posted on Fri, Nov 20, 2015

Professionals (PR, marketing and professionals from other fields) can lose credibility when they include certain overused expressions in their writing. We’re bombarded with emails, newsletters and media alerts all day every day, and seeing the same buzzwords over and over again makes people tune out. Journalists, a prime audience for public relations professionals, get especially annoyed when they see these overused words and phrases. The following popular expressions, frequently used by PR firms, are trite from overuse:

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Perception Management? Husbands Doing More Housework, but Less Than They Think

Posted on Tue, Nov 17, 2015

As we see in business, politics, and other aspects of life, perception management is a tricky task, given that different people often perceive the same situation in different ways. An ability to stand in another’s shoes and understand how they will perceive something is crucial for avoiding missteps and anticipating problems in advance. I normally think about perception management in relation to the messaging we help our clients articulate and then amplify, in the form of press releases, social media, blogs and other content. However, two separate but related news stories surfaced last week that got me thinking about the importance of perception management in relationships. The divide between observable facts and how people feel about a situation can be very large.

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What Are Public Relations Services? Agency Boundaries Have Blurred

Posted on Wed, Nov 04, 2015

The PR profession has experienced more changes in the last 10 years than the previous 30.

  • Digital communication has influenced every aspect of the profession.
  • Online media isn’t only part of the media relations mix, in many cases it trumps print and broadcast in importance.
  • Social media is now a standard (and very important) communications channel in PR programs.
  • Content marketing, always a PR skillset, has been given new prominence as a key component of digital marketing.
  • An understanding of search engine optimization, previously only necessary for people in digital agencies, is now a must in PR.
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PR for Startups: Content Marketing’s Vital Role in PR Strategies

Posted on Tue, Oct 27, 2015

Content marketing is one of the most buzz-worthy phrases in the marketing world today. However, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. According to the keyword tool we use, there are 2,400 searches a month for the question, “What is content marketing?” There are quite a few definitions of content marketing floating around the Internet, but I’ll offer my own, which I’ve tried to make clear and concise: “Content marketing is a method used by marketers of providing people with helpful, unbiased information to establish trust in, and build a good image for, an organization. Really good content will stand out quietly amidst a cacophony of advertising and promotion and be more effective in the long run than either.”

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