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With Digital PR, You Can Now Please Many People Most of the Time

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A Memorable Experience: Providing PR Services in Japan

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15 Questions that Help You Pick the Right Marcom or PR Services Agency

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10 Good Reads, from Online Reputation Management to Tips for Speaking

5 Reasons Agency Retainers Yield Better PR Strategies than Project Work

Three PR Strategies You May Not Think of as Public Relations

How Agencies Charge for Public Relations Services, Part 2

How Agencies Charge for Public Relations Services, Part 1

Geography Influences Both Cross-Cultural Communication & Politics

Five Most Popular Bridgebuzz Blog Posts in 2015

11 Press Release Best Practices: Compelling Writing That Gets Results

PR Strategies in the Internet Age: Are Press Releases Outdated?

What Is a News Release (or Press Release)? What Is It Not?

Politics Interfere with Public Relations Services for Industry Groups

10 Expressions that PR Firms (and Their Clients) Overuse

Perception Management? Husbands Doing More Housework, but Less Than They Think

What Are Public Relations Services? Agency Boundaries Have Blurred

PR for Startups: Content Marketing’s Vital Role in PR Strategies

Perception Management: 10 Tips for Using Visual Imagery Online

5 Key Steps to Better ROI for Public Relations Services (Clone)

5 Key Steps to Better ROI for Public Relations Services

BoSacks on Publishing: Addictive Content Creation Is Key to Survival

Why Every Company Needs a Crisis Communication Plan

Patient Centricity Key to Corporate Reputation in Medical Device Industry

5 Top PR Commandments for New Product Launch Marketing

Taylor Swift vs. Apple: a Look at Public Relations and Influence

7 Tips: Crisis Management for Startups

Perception Management: An Old Story About an Elephant

PR Strategies to Consider: Create News When There Is None

Mastering Media Interviews – 7 Tips from PR Strategists

7 Tips from PR Strategists: Working in the Crossover between PR + SEO

Can PR Strategies Help Persuade Americans to Accept Scientific Facts?

PR for Startups Fuels Growth

Five Predictions for PR and Marketing Services in 2015

Forget About PR Strategies - Here’s My List of 14 Everyday Annoyances

An Open Letter to PR and MarCom Interns

Confidence Booster: Mentors' Clear Communications About My Worth

How to Contact the Media (Part 2): 6 More Email Pitching Public Relations Tips

How to Contact the Media:
12 Email Tips That Also Boost Email Marketing

Traditional PR Still Returns the Most Value

Why Startups' Own PR Efforts Rarely Match PR Companies' Output

7 Myths About Public Relations Services

Basic PR Strategies: You Have to Be Seen to Be Heard

Reputation Management 101: Don't Attack Competitors

Pop Culture's Been Hard on Female PR Consultants

New Survey Shows Readers Don’t Trust “Sponsored Content”

Annual Boutique PR Firm Gathering's Great Food PR Case Studies

Five Things Startups Should Expect From Their PR Firms

Consequences of a Public Branding Statement (Like a Tattoo)

Tattoos as a Branding Statement: Body Art or Body Desecration?

5 Great Online Tools for Marketing and Corporate Communications

PR for Start-ups: Hiring Inexperienced Help vs No Help At All

WHY you should never say these things to a PR agency

Why Integrated Marketing Communications Is Here to Stay

Malaysia Airlines Fiasco: How Democracy Affects International PR

Working with New York PR Agencies: 10 Tips for Overseas Companies

Procrastinate & Socialize for More Productivity & Community Building

Closing the Wage Gap: A Good Corporate PR Strategy?

This Week’s Top Trending Marketing and PR Stories

Environmental Scanning: A Key Component of Small Business PR

How to Narrow the Choices in a PR Agency Search

Cross-Cultural Communications Challenges: Meetings with Japanese

MLK Day: Not Just A Long Weekend; A Chance to Deliver Key Messages

Why Content Marketing Services Are So Very Hot

Does General Mills Non-GMO Announcement Help in Building Brand Equity?

Big Challenge in Cross-Border Public Relations: American Ignorance

The Worst PR Crisis Situations of 2013

Tips for a PR Agency Search: a Tool to Help with the Decision

Need Help with Lead Conversion? Try Dynamic Website Marketing

An Airline Safety Video Becomes a Brand Experience

6 Views About the Future of Communications, Currency & Crops

Timing Is Crucial in Corporate Reputation Management, Walmart Shows

Community Building Via Entertainment in the Social Media Era

This Week’s Top 5 Trending Marketing and PR Stories

Frequently Asked Question: “Why Are PR Firm Fees So High?”

Three PR Strategies for Breaking through Journalists’ Mental Firewalls

Disturbing Communications Trends: Untruths as “Controversies"

3 New Communication Technologies Used Both Positively & Poisonously

Digital Age PR Strategies: Content Marketing & Buyer Personas

6 Powerful Blogging Tips & Stats: Why & How Businesses Should Blog

PR Consulting 101: Apologize, but Be Sincere

Communication Consultants Agree Dennis Rodman’s Bad Publicity = Bad PR

Public Relations Ethics Aside, Truth-telling is Good for Business

Startup PR Consulting: No Such Thing as a Free Launch

Storytelling, Public Relations Firms’ Buzzword & Entertainment Craze

Why I Changed My Mind About Integrated Marketing Communications

Social Media Engagement 101: How to Get Started

Mobile Marketing Infographic: Big Brand Experience on a Small Screen

A Healthcare Public Affairs Tour De Force in the Making

What PR Consulting, Startup Funding & Journalism Have in Common

How Startups Benefit from Content Marketing Services

PR Is Not Publicity - Please Don't Call PR Strategists "Publicists!"

SEO Marketing Trends: Google’s In-Depth Articles Improve Search

Subliminal Negative Messaging: Insidious but Effective

5 Tips for Constructing a Bigger Brand Experience with Social Media

A New Horizon for Social Media Relations: Facebook’s Latest Feature

A Media Coaching Lesson from Anthony Weiner’s Mayoral Campaign

Many PR Firms Focus on PR Ethics But Then Hire Unethically

Crisis Management Lessons from Good King Richard III

The Keys to Small Business PR: Part Three (Measurement)

7 Tips to Improve Your Overseas Marketing

The Keys to Small Business PR: Part Two (Media Pitching)

Old Methods of Building Brand Equity Fail with Millennials

The Keys to Small Business PR: Part One (Research & Planning)

Social Media Relations: 3 Free Tools to Monitor Your Efforts

5 Questions PR Firms Ask Before Deciding to Respond to an RFP

Key Points to Remember In Interviews: Media Training 101

Shifting Sands of Ethics in International Public Relations

Three Questions We Ask When Developing PR Strategies for Startups

PR for Startups: A Must-Have for Funding and Eventual Success

3 Things to Remember When Building Brand Equity With Millennials

Corporate Reputation Management: What Your Front Desk Says

Five Reasons Why Good Writing Is Crucial in Marketing for Startups

The Promise and the Peril of Big Data in Marketing

10 Integrated Communications Terms Startups Need to Know

Communications for Startups Is Best Done by a Professional PR Firm

The Keys to Content Marketing: Part Four (Content Creation)

The Keys to Content Marketing: Part Three (Editorial Calendars)

The Keys to Content Marketing: Part Two (Content Mapping)

The Art and Science of Building Brand Equity with the Right Name

The Keys to Content Marketing: Part One (Buyer Personas)

Video Search Technology's Many Uses: Marcom to Health to Terrorism

Media Relations Tips: How to Get Past the SPAM Filter

Integrated Communications Is Finally More than Lip-Service

Six Ways of Measuring Online Marketing Success

7 Must-Know Marketing Terms (Top-of-the-List: Inbound Marketing!)

Branding Marriage Equality Through Social Media

Four Advantages of a PR Agency Over In-house Staff

The Impact of Social Media on the Media Industry

Preparing Your Startup for Media Interviews: the Do's and Don'ts

Change Your Expectations For Top-Tier Media Coverage

The Catholic Church & Social Media

Who Should Interact With Your PR Firm?

Is Silver The New Gold? Marketing Tips From The World's Fastest-Aging Nation

Calling All Baby Boomers: It's Time to Embrace Inbound Marketing

Unconventional Ways to Get PR Work Experience

Three Reasons Online Images Increase Web Traffic

“Yes Men” (and Women) Are Poor Providers of Public Relations Services

How American PR Is Different from PR Overseas

Ask Not What the Media Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for the Media

Tips for Landing Internships with PR Firms

Public Relations Ethics: Who Decides What's Right and Wrong?

347 Days Left for Entrepreneurs' 2013 Business Resolutions

13 DOs & DON'Ts to Make the Most of Digital Communications

How the Digital Era Redefined PR Story-Telling

PR Agency Best Practices, Part II: What Agencies MUST Deliver

Public Relations Best Practices: Client-Agency Relationship Rules

9 Things Journalists Do & Do NOT Find Newsworthy

When the Apple Falls Far from the Tree

Memories of an Internationalist: Ray Josephs - Author, PR Executive and Promoter Extraordinaire

Many Comments: Factors Contributing to PR Failures

Common Reasons for Failure to Meet PR Goals and Expectations

How the Accreditation Fiasco in the PR Industry Relates to Poor PR for PR

Advance Approval of Interview Quotes: a Self-Destructive Media Policy

The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communications

For Some, Earning Experience Isn't Enough

Four Lessons in Social Media from the Olympics

Unspoken Thoughts Clamoring to Be Heard

Online Marketing Tidbits to Share with You

New Technologies Changing Public Relations in South Africa

Five Key Lessons We Can Learn from Mike Wallace

Media Pay for Play: a Bad, Old Practice Lives On

Health Insurance Plan's "Individual Mandate" Not Well Communicated by Government and Media

Six Reasons Flexibility Helps Startups

5 Reasons This Small PR Firm Won't Respond to (Most) RFPs

Will a New Buzz-Predictor Tool Change Journalism & PR Planning?

New International PR e-Book Just Published

Best Corporate Communications Tips for 2012

Seven Small Business Owners' Resolutions for 2012

Don't Make These Five Startup Marketing & PR Mistakes

The Specialist vs the Generalist: Who Wins?

How Do We Become Indispensable?

Five Reasons for Public Relations Professionals to Be Grateful

Inc. 500's Social Media Growth Bigger than Fortune 500's

Podcast: PR & Marketing for Start-ups & U.S.-based Foreign Companies

PR Can't Create Thought Leadership

Public Relations Society of America's Terrible PR

PR Ethics: Is There a Right to PR?

Are PR and Marketing Communications a Good Career Choice ?

Five Great Infographics about Social Media

How to Get Started with a PR Firm: Four Tips for a Fruitful Relationship

PR Agency Billing: 6 More Must-Knows

The Top Four Questions About PR Billing Practices

Six Things Many PR Firms Won't Tell You

10 Tasty Tidbits about Marketing and PR from My Inbox (or "You Are What You Tweet")

Marketing to Millennials: Takes One to Know One

You May Have to Invent Your Next Job, Says Tom Friedman

"If You Don't Tell Your Story, People Won't Show Up!"

Being an Entrepreneur: Five Things I Love, Five I Hate

Media Cutbacks Hurting Local News Coverage

Take Our Quiz: Demographics Marketers Should Know About New York City

And Now for the Results: The New York, New York that Everybody Loves but Nobody Knows

Gold Nuggets: Short Reads I Recommend About Communications & Marketing

"16 Candles:" Illuminating Online PR Measurement

Why CEOs Need Peer Groups Like PR Boutiques International & CEO Trust

Diary From Japan: Ongoing Failure to Build Institutional Trust Takes a Heavy Toll in Crisis

Does Size Matter in the PR Industry? You Bet!

Eight Myths About PR (Truth or Consequences)

Unprepared for a Video Interview: The Consequences

Marketing Directors at Start-ups Have to Be ...?

Its Bad Grammar Who Cares vs. the Grammar Police

Why Companies Don't Need Social Media Directors

The Five Worst Ways to Save Money on PR

10 "Must Haves" From Your PR Agency

Ad and PR Agencies Tackle Social Media Differently

Why Are PR Agencies Working on Spec?

Six Reasons PR Firms Get Fired

Six Ways Clients Drive PR Firms Crazy

Can a Good Corporate Reputation Be Unprofitable?

The Hidden Costs of In-House PR

Word-of-Mouth and Social Media Greatly Influence Business Travel Decisions

5 Key Facts about PR in the U.S.

Whether PR Dream or Nightmare, Emotional Stories Stand Out

What Is International PR Like? With Kenneth Bandler

TV Generation vs. the Millennials (What's Black & White & No Longer Read?)

9 Reasons I Love Doing PR for Start-ups

What People Share Online and Why

Media Interviews: Be Scared, Just a Little

Where Does Entrepreneurship Flourish, and Why?

"Old" Media: More, Not Less Powerful

20 Years of U.S.-Japan Pharma Industry Change

New York Pharma Forum Comes of Age

Anniversary Changes: Introducing BridgeBuzz

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