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This Week’s Top 5 Trending Marketing and PR Stories

Posted on Thu, Nov 14, 2013

From big moves in social media to major brand reputation meltdowns, this has been an exciting week for the marketing industry. In this post, the Bridge team provides a rundown of some of the top trending industry news and analysis that you should be aware of.

Twitter IPO: Another in the Endless Stream of Evidence That the Brand Trumps All (Forbes)

Amid the buzz surrounding Twitter’s I.P.O. last week, many analysts have sought to contrast
NYSE Twitterthe company’s successful coming out party with Facebook’s botched I.P.O. last year, in whichshares lost more than half their value within three months. Despite Twitter’s positive market debut, however, the company appears to be lagging behind its larger rival in a number of critical areas, not the least of which is profitability—Twitter lost $64.6 million in the September quarter. Forbes contributor Jess Collen describes how this disparity between investor sentiment and actual performance provides a powerful lesson on how a prominent brand can trump the reality of facts and figures.

What’s Your CEO’s Media Relations Persona? (PR News)

The fallout surrounding Lululemon founder Chip Wilson’s remarks in a Bloomberg TV interview has reached a fever pitch. Many people have taken exception to Wilson’s explanation regarding the recent recall of the brand’s iconic yoga pants amid complaints that a defect caused some of the pants to be transparent. Drawing on examples from this debacle, Caysey Welton suggests that PR professionals should consider developing personas of their clients’ CEOs, analyzing their personality traits and communication styles, in order to better tailor their media training to their unique attributes. The article provides several different examples of CEO personas, describing the media challenges and opportunities presented by each one.

Digital-PR Drag: People Are Increasingly Frustrated with Digital Experiences…(Bulldog Reporter)

Digital communications channels are a core component of most brands’ marketing strategy, but a recent survey by Harris Interactive presents some disconcerting insights about user experience on these channels. The survey found that:

  • 93 percent of people have found themselves frustrated with the usability of a website, and, on average, are frustrated with websites 23 percent of the time,
  • 72 percent of mobile device owners have found themselves frustrated with the usability of a mobile app, on average 25 percent of the time.

Perhaps the most telling stat, however, is that 87 percent of the people surveyed say that a frustrating digital experience leads to at least a somewhat negative perception about that brand. “The trouble with the current situation is that we, as digital professionals, consider ourselves to be tech savvy, but the people we are designing for don't see themselves that way," said Anthony Franco, president and co-founder of EffectiveUI, which commissioned the survey.

Barney's Partners With Jay Z, but Is It Ready for Black Customers? (Ad Age)

The recent discrimination accusations against Barneys have sparked a lot of dialogue about racial profiling in the retail industry and in society as a whole. Ad Age contributor Pepper Miller provides her take on what it all means for the marketing industry, asserting that many company’s need to rethink their market segmentation strategies for African American

robots read ads
 They told me to vacuum, but I'm too busy reading online ads

consumers in order to increase opportunities with this valuable market segment.

The Most Profitable New Reader Demographic: Robots (Mashable)

Online advertising networks often promote digital advertising as a cost effective way for
companies to build visibility of their products and services. As this article describes, however,
some of these networks may be bilking advertisers by using robots to increase traffic on their sites. As if there was not enough skepticism about the effectiveness of online advertising, this scandal will likely further erode confidence among marketers.

By: Jacob Seal
Bridge Global Strategies

Tags: Public Relations

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