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What is the RONI (The Return on NOT Investing) for PR Services?

Posted on Mon, Jun 06, 2016

Recently I read a post on David Fields’ blog, “Irresistible Consulting Moments,” with the headline “The Value Myth.” David is a consultant to consultants, helping them market themselves better and be more successful at selling their services. The gist of the blog post: there’s a pervasive myth in sales which trips up many sales people, that the most effective way to sell is to present the value of the product or service to a prospect. Actually, he said, the way to sell is to show potential clients what they’ll lose by not buying. What he wrote must have struck a chord with a lot of readers, since there were quite a few interesting comments at the end of his blog.

One comment that resonated with me was an explanation of the term RONI – “Return on Not Investing.”

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5 Reasons Agency Retainers Yield Better PR Strategies than Project Work

Posted on Thu, May 05, 2016

A key agency-client relationship trend over the last decade has been a move away from agencies working ongoing with clients in retainer PR relationships, and towards project-based assignments. The way companies assign projects differs according to the company and the circumstances. Some companies use the same agency all year long and simply pay by project rather than paying an ongoing monthly fee  Others use only one agency but don't work with the agency all year long - they may use internal staffing the rest of the time or simply have very small PR budgets. Still others use multiple agencies, for a variety of reasons.

In January, RSW/US, a lead generation and strategic business development group that supports marketing services firms, released the results of its 2016 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey of senior-level marketers and marketing agency executives. The results show that among the top concerns of marketers is that their agencies lack deep understanding of their businesses, that they are weak on developing PR strategies and that there has been an erosion of value of 

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