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The ecobee Smart Thermostat: Green Tech PR 

Green technology startup ecobee hired Bridge to help launch its first product, the ecobee Smart Thermostat, an easy-to-program thermostat with WiFi connection, allowing it to be set remotely over the Internet from anywhere in the world. The company's visibility with both trade audiences (HVAC technicians and builders) and consumers, as well as potential investors, depended on the success of the PR launch.

Complicating factors included the need to launch the product before units were actually available for the media to see or for consumers to purchase. However, ecobee's excellent company web site, where clear, simple demos of the thermostat were available, was helpful, and we announced that pre-orders were being taken at the site.

Bridge focused heavily at the launch on reaching influential technology bloggers, green bloggers and trade media. The results: news of ecobee's Smart Thermostat was reported by the largest of the "gadget guru" blogs, such as Gizmodo and Engadget, and by heavily visited environmental blogs such as Treehugger, and by many of the pertinent trade media. These blogs led the way into traditional media - daily newspapers, magazines and TV. Pre-orders for the product were far beyond the company's expectations, and as product became available the company was way ahead of its business projections - despite the worst economy since the great depression.

Representative media coverage:

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