case study: mabel's labels

mabel's labels

PR Drives U.S. Sales for a Canadian Company

Bridge began its work for small Canadian company Mabel's Labels by launching Tag-Mates®, an innovative label that sticks to clothing tags without any ironing or sewing, just in time for camping season. We surveyed camp directors to find out what campers most commonly lose and get tips on how to prevent kids from losing stuff. We arranged interviews with the company founders to discuss the survey results and tell parents how to pack for camp. The survey helped us get editors' attention and resulted in great media coverage.

The PR program included a steady stream of labels sent to editors, producers and celebrities for their children. For example, we sent "The View's" Elizabeth Hasselbach labels for her child. On the last show prior to maternity leave for baby #2, "The View" packed the audience with pregnant moms. Elizabeth announced her 10 "Mommy Must-Haves," and Mabel's Labels was on her list. Everyone in the audience received all 10, accompanied by screams of delight, and Mabel had the biggest order day ever.

Print circulation and broadcast audience for Mabel's Labels PR surpassed 30 million in the first 18 months of the PR program, on a very modest budget. More important, sales increases were substantial, as well.

Representative media coverage

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