financial services PR case study: structured investment management

Financial Services Case Study: New Mutual Fund Launched During Financial Crisis

cs image SIMNew investment management firm Structured Investment Management (SIM) spent two years developing its innovative mutual fund, the S&P 500 Capital Appreciation Fund, only to have the SEC give its approval just as Lehman Bros. collapsed and the financial markets were falling apart. The fund is very well-suited for people with at least a 10-year investment horizon who cannot afford to put their assets at risk, yet need to grow them. While there were millions of Americans in just those circumstances after the crash of the stock market in the fall of 2008, Bridge found it nearly impossible to get the attention of financial journalists. Surrounded by market chaos, the understaffed media couldn’t focus on anything except news about the financial crisis.

Bridge paused PR efforts briefly to conserve budget dollars, believing the media would soon return to routine coverage. But the crisis worsened daily and spread overseas. We decided to make use of the environment and the time to help build greater corporate visibility for SIM and its CEO, Ramesh Menon, who is an expert on structured products and investment management. We helped set up several opportunities for him to comment on the financial crisis on Fox Business News and CNBC, which eventually led to other opportunities for him to discuss mutual funds on air, including a chance to talk about SIM’s own fund.

When the media slowly returned to covering routine news, our earlier work began to pay off with interviews and reviews of the fund at major media outlets.

Representative media coverage

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