our philosophy

image philosophyOur service orientation and communications philosophy have their roots in our agency principles, which guide the way we do business every day.


Our principles:

  • The well-being of our employees is our highest priority. If their well-being is compromised, we can't serve our clients properly.
  • We will provide our clients with experienced, professional service to give them the best, most creative and knowledgeable help available
  • We will never forget the supreme importance of our existing clients and we will put them first
  • We are passionate about delivering quality and innovation. We will be the best, the most creative, on-target and thorough that we can be in order to delight our clients
  • We are committed to helping create a better city, state, country and world through the actions we take every day towards our community, the environment, our employees and our clients
  • We will not allow discrimination based on race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender or national origin
  • We will provide our clients with fair, honest and transparent pricing
  • We value teamwork within our agency and strive for good partnerships with our clients and with associate firms
  • We will honor our commitments

We begin work for every client with a zero-based needs analysis that makes no assumptions about the mix of communications disciplines or services required to reach goals. We design strategies matching the most appropriate communications tools to build visibility for our clients' organizations and brands among target audiences.

It is to our advantage as well as our clients' to start every communications program with a set of quantifiable goals and agreements on the yardsticks we will jointly use so that we can measure the results of our work. The most important indication of our effectiveness is the length of our client relationships — the average length of the relationships that our clients have with our management team is 10 years — almost unprecedented in the communications industry.

Bridge Global Strategies' independent ownership allows the focus of attention where it belongs, on client service, unlike large agencies that are forced to divert energy and attention to providing quarterly shareholder profits. We are able to make the necessary staffing investments to meet your needs and nurture our own long-term growth that larger publicly-held agencies can't.

Bridge can meet clients' service needs nimbly, creating new account teams or bringing special staffing resources onto teams whenever necessary, including professionals outside the PR and marketing communications industry who offer complementary, synergistic skills.