media training prepares you
for the media hot seat

Why Media Training?

Today’s media environment has been defined by its 24/7 nature, with the emergence of social media, citizenmedia interview journalism and 24-hour online and cable news reporting. Individuals often report on your brand online before the buzz even hits the traditional media. You must be prepared to think fast and answer questions honestly, but in a way that is the most helpful for your organization. Media training teaches you the do's and don'ts of giving an interview and provides you with practice, so you'll be prepared for whatever happens. 

Handling yourself well in an interview isn't something that comes naturally. It takes skill, knowledge and preparation to represent yourself and your company in the best possible light. Media training is a crash course that teaches you what you need to know to be effective when giving interviews. What you learn serves you well not just in one or two interviews you may see on the horizon, but ongoing. And the more experience you have, the better you'll be.

What Happens During PRos Media Training?

Your trainer provides you with insights, tips, hands-on exercises and on-camera mock interviews to prepare you for all types of media interviews. The training is conducted by one or more of our senior public relations professionals (depending on the number of people to be trained) and it includes practicing various interview scenarios, from face-to-face to phone to TV to digital.

What Is PRos Media Training and Who Are the Trainers?

Four boutique public relations agency owners, including Bridge Global Strategies' CEO, Lucy Siegel, began talking with each other about a gap in existing media training services: most media trainers are former journalists but have little or no business background and usually are not public relations professionals. While it's great to have a journalist's perspective on interviews, trainers without PR and/or marketing experience have a much harder time putting themselves in your shoes. PR professionals are trained to help you put interviews in the context of your business goals, position your company and/or product in comparison to others and develop the key messages that you want the audience to hear. The four agency CEOs, who have many years of both journalism and PR experience, decided to form a media training partnership to provide clients of all four agencies with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for any type of interview. And thus PRos Media Training was born!

PRos Media Training is practical, down-to-earth, educational and affordable. We offer different types of media training:

- One-on-one training for senior executives, which offers privacy.  It can take place at their offices our ours. 

- Media training workshops of up to 10 people.  The workshop participants can be from one company or from non-competing companies in the same industry (for example, workshops for conference or trade show attendees can be held just prior to the meeting in the same location). 

What Does Media Training Cost?

Our rates depend on:

  • Whether the training is for a small group, or for one or two individuals 
  • Whether the training is for a half-day or a full day. That choice depends on circumstances and the number of people who will take part
  • Where the training takes place and how far our trainer(s) will need to travel to get there

Our rates are competitive. We are small business owners with relatively low overhead compared to big PR firms.

If you're intersted in arranging media training, please contact us.