the details about how
inbound marketing works

Our own case study:

Within only a few months of starting our own inbound marketing program, we:

  • Grew the number of website visits by 70%.

  • Grew the number of leads from our website by 300%.

You can see why we're excited about inbound

closed-loop marketingmarketing! 

Here's how we did it:

  • Created a content marketing/inbound marketing system with educational materials that attract people to our website 

  • Developed, analyzed and tracked an extensive list of keyword phrases that people might use when searching to find our website

  • Created multiple landing pages with forms for site visitors to fill out to gain access to our free materials and provide us with detailed information on potential new business leads

  • Developed a logical system for tracking and nurturing those leads

  • We continuously measure our own marketing performance and analyze that of our competitors to give us some benchmarks

Inbound marketing is closed-loop marketing

Inbound marketing is a closed-loop marketing system. At the entry point of the loop are the visitors to your website. Using our marketing software, we capture a cookie on each visitor and the source that brought the visitor to your website (for example, social media, an article you wrote or a brochure you handed out at a trade show). As a visitor browses through your website, the cookie tracks the visitor's actions. When the visitor clicks on a free information offer or a "contact us" button, and fills out a form, the visitor becomes a lead and is added to your database. Using the marketing analytics part of the marketing software, we can track which sources are yielding the most website visits and leads, and we can work with you to improve the weaker channels and increase use of the strongest ones.  

We're very excited about the capabilities we have through the marketing software we use to help us create this closed loop. It's an all-in one platform that handles a full suite of online marketing needs, and provides a powerful marketing analytics capability. 

If you'd like to chat about how inbound marketing could work for your company, contact us.